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Prom Project 2015 Giveaway

We all spend a tremendous amount of time on social media these days, you see family photos, updates on who is doing what, where someone is going on vacation and every move a celebrity makes. But… have you really taken a good look and really seen what social media means to a persons confidence? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, KIK, Whatsapp… to name just a few.

Sadly people find self worth in the number of likes and comments a selfie receives. A persons confidence and faith in themselves shouldn’t come from a computer but from within. Seeing so much of this these days breaks my heart, so Ive decided to try to do something about it!

Prom Project 2015!

I will be choosing 5 winners from all that are nominated by friends, family, schools and churches to win a FREE Prom Package.
*Package includes*
Free Prom Session with Your Date before Prom
Hair & Make Up
& Hopefully a few more details I am currently work on!

To Nominate someone you feel could use a good boost in confidence, who has maybe had a rough year and is feeling down and out, or someone who would love to have a full prom experience but maybe can’t afford it all Head over to Rebecca Guthrie Photography on Facebook and send me a message with their Name, School, Date of their Prom and a good reason why you’re nominating them.  Don’t let them know they’re being nominated!

Deadline to Nominate is Midnight on April 4th.

I want these girls to have an amazing time and realize that confidence comes from feeling good about yourself, not from how many people like your posts, tweets and photos. Realize that with even just a spark of faith in yourself that you can change not only your world, but the world in general. A little faith in yourself can move mountains.

Any questions can be sent to Rebecca@RebeccaGuthriePhotography.com or through facebook.

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